From Idea to Reality


"If you want to put a goldfish into the market, you better make it green from the start"

Bright Gorilla is a multimedia concepts bureau which develops ideas into realistic solutions and marketing concepts. We ensure that Business Model, Features, Sales Plan, System Design and technology go seamlessly together.

Bright Gorilla believes that these components form an integral part of the project in order to achieve an excellent solution. We work bottom up by starting with the potential users: how can you reach them, convince them and do business with them.

The solutions are often web and/or app based, but also hardware solutions are among the possibilities. For this Bright Gorilla has a large network of partners and suppliers.

  • Business Model

    Client Groups/Stakeholders, Revenue Models

  • Features

    Functionality per Client Group/Stakeholder

  • Sales Plan

    Sales Processes, Marketing Concept, Branding

  • System Design

    User Processes, User Interaction, Graphic Design

Meet the team

Meet the professionals of the Bright Gorilla Team
Derk Dumbar
Derk is an Ideas Generator, Branding Specialist, Graphic Designer and Creator of Marketing Concepts and has done assignments for Randstad, DAF, Dutch Police, PostNL, Dyson, etc.
Ted Koch
Ted is a Business Analyst, Trouble Shooter, Functional Designer and System Architect and has done assignments for Heineken, BMW, KPN, TNT, PostNL, Regardz, etc.

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